Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hey everyone! Welcome to Monogram Mama's Tips and Tricks. 

Today is my first day blogging. I love reading everyone else's blogs and getting great ideas from them and hopefully you will enjoy this Mama's favorite "tips and tricks" too.

Do you love to monogram, personalize and be crafty? Me too. 

If everything could have a name or initials on it then everything would be that much prettier and that much more fun. Don't you think? 

OK...you may think I am crazy but I am already thinking ahead for holiday gift giving wrapping ideas.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown paper bag look and the chalk board look for gift wrapping.

Do you have a ton of brown paper bags laying around? Why not repurpose and reuse? Isn't that everyone's goal these days? So cute and so fun. Top it off with a fun ribbon and add the recipient's name however you want. A stamp, a stencil, freehand, cut out fabric, cut out paper…anything goes! Have fun with it!

OR….get a roll of black matte paper and add their names with a white sharpie or white paint pen. Add a ribbon if you want. Super cute!

Be the talk of the Holiday Party! Your packages will be the fun and creative packages that stand out under the tree. And….they are easier on the pocket book too. No more spending $10 a roll and getting 5 packages wrapped before it is out.

HAPPY HOLIDAY WRAPPING. Let me know how they turn out!

Signing off……MAMA

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